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ExquiCity combines flexibility of a bus with efficiency of a tram

ExquiCity combines flexibility of a bus with efficiency of a tram

Van Hool, the Belgian independent manufacturer of buses, coaches and industrial vehicles, presents premiere at Busworld 2011 (Kortrijk), considered the most important biennial trade fair for all news about buses and coaches.

Van Hool shows in Kortrijk, for the very first time a driveable prototype of the ExquiCity, a multi-drive platform that combines the flexibility of a bus with the efficiency of a tram. This platform makes the ExquiCity, 18m and 24m in both versions, a basis for the use of different propulsion systems such as trolley, hybrid, fuel cells or batteries. The company provides a realistic response to the demand for safe, environmentally friendly and efficient urban transportation. Earlier this year, ExquiCity received great acclaim at the UITP Congress in Dubai, where the vehicle was presented as a model to actual size. Up to date, 39 ExquiCity vehicles have been ordered. Barcelona (Spain), Parma (Italy) and Metz (France) will integrate, in the course of 2012, the first vehicles in their urban public transport-network.

The ExquiCity interior is designed to optimize the flow of passengers entering and exiting the vehicle. Four double leaf Plug Sliding from Ventura Systems give access to the passenger standing places and passenger seats.


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