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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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How do targets and indicators improve sustainability?
Sustainable development aims to improve quality of life without compromising the well-being of future generations. A new study highlights the challenges of setting environmental sustainability goals and cites the EU Climate and Energy policy package, with its '20-20-20' targets, as a model example.
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Resource efficiency targets need fine-tuning
A number of EU policy targets and indicators exist to improve the efficiency of natural resource use. A new report produced for the European Commission concludes that although indicators of resource use need improvement, they are still a valuable policy tool to monitor progress towards sustainable material, energy, water and land use.
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Sustainable agriculture assessments need greater clarity
A new study has revealed the diversity in terminology and choice of indicators across eight major frameworks used to assess the environmental impacts of agriculture. The researchers call for further work to quantify and express uncertainty surrounding chosen reference values.
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Indicators reveal 'hidden' trade of raw materials
With ever-increasing global consumption, the impacts of resource depletion, land use change and pollution are being felt worldwide. A new study reveals how international trade is shifting the environmental burden from the consuming nation to other parts of the world, and calls for changes in the way national material use is accounted for.
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Policy targets dominate over efficiency for predicting future energy use
Specific policy targets for nuclear energy, CO2 emission reductions and energy security will have a greater influence on future energy use than the availability of energy efficient technologies, concludes a recent study.
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Regional targets are key to meeting EU climate commitments
Regional governments lack the support required to meet EU-wide targets for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions in the building, transportation, agriculture and waste sectors, according to a new study. The researchers outline a five-step process to help regional governments develop indicators and policy measures to help ensure national targets are met.
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