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A.S.A. removes waste form the waste dump in Topola, Serbia

A.S.A. removes waste form the waste dump in Topola, Serbia

.A.S.A. in Serbia provides broad general waste solutions for the municipal, commercial and retail sectors as well as for domestic households.

Fleet of trucks and highly modern collection and container systems with competent and individual consulting services make the company the first point of contact for waste needs. In general, the long-term business relationships of .A.S.A. companies are founded on mutual trust and cooperation, loyalty and reliability, transparency and quality. .A.S.A. EKO is participating in clearance of communal waste in Topola. It is part of project for closing and sanation municipal communal waste landfill "Torovi".

Project is carried out with support of the Governmental Agency for environmental protection, and the task of transport and disposal of waste is entrusted to .A.S.A. EKO.

It´s appraised on landfill Vrbak in Lapovo will be disposed approximately 3100 tons of communal waste earlier disposed on Torovi. Afterwards this space will be re-cultivated and closed for further waste disposal.

ZDROJ:. A.S.A., upraveno

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