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Krátká exkurze do problémů s odpady v Buenos Aires (A brief excursion to Buenos Aires waste management)

Krátká exkurze do problémů s odpady v Buenos Aires (A brief excursion to Buenos Aires waste management)

In between wafts from bakeries and the glorious Roman-style columns, bags of refuse line every kerb. Street corners sometimes serve as collection stations, where dozens of bags sit and stink up the neighbourhood. Restaurants dump uneaten food into the same bins as computer parts and cardboard. Cartoneros - the city´s makeshift recyclers - rip through bins and bags for whatever can be sold.

This is just what people can see.

Beneath the surface, the situation is just as messy.

Out of the approximately 14,000 tonnes of garbage produced daily by the entire Buenos Aires metropolitan area, the capital´s share weighs in at about 6,000 tonnes. For years, that trash has been ending up in the Province of Buenos Aires´ landfills.

But if a new bill currently being debated at the Buenos Aires province legislature is passed, the province will not take it anymore - and the city will have to find new ways to deal with its own garbage.

Recent Stir Ups

Last week, Buenos Aires provincial senators Cristina Fioramonti and Alberto De Fazio introduced a bill that would slowly decrease the amount of waste entering the Province of Buenos Aires from other jurisdictions - namely from the city of Buenos Aires.

From the 14th January 2014, no waste of any type would be allowed to enter the province from another district.

"The issue of garbage has been dilating for quite some time, and we understand the need to resolve the issue for the sake of our environment and our health," Fioramonti said, according to the Argentine legally-focused weekly Parlamentario. "We will do whatever is necessary to get this bill passed and that it can be used in the future as the standard."

More on:http://www.argentinaindependent.com/socialissues/urbanlife/bursting-at-the-seams-where-can-buenos-aires-put-its-rubbish/


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