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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Cell studies provide insights into toxic effects of particulate matter
A mixture of fine particles in air leads to harmful effects on human health. Currently, particulate matter (PM) is defined in policy by particle size, but according to a new study, focusing on air pollutants and their toxic effects on cells may provide an effective way to legislate for PM.
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Counteracting the urban heat island effect with effective planning
Climate change is likely to exacerbate the urban heat island (UHI) effect. A new study has therefore examined possible climate change adaptation measures that can alleviate the UHI effect and illustrated how these strategies can be practically applied. While the study provides real-life examples to demonstrate how the measures can be used, it does not include any quantitative assessment of their impacts.
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New method to scale up the value of ecosystem services
There is increasing policy demand for the `scaling-up´ of ecosystem service valuations to a national or regional level, but available methods for doing this are limited. A new study has proposed a new scaling-up methodology and tested it by assessing the impact of climate change on European wetlands.
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Science and policy united to tackle eutrophication in Mediterranean
Together, European policy and research initiatives provide a sound basis for actions to tackle eutrophication in the Mediterranean Sea, a recent analysis concludes. The review brings together scientific understanding from over 50 years of research on eutrophication and a discussion of the policy frameworks currently in place to deal with this issue.
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Study sheds light on socio-economic impacts of targets
Environmental targets for sustainable agriculture can usually be met in a variety of ways, but their exact impacts are rarely known. A new study has compared the social, economic and environmental impacts of different policy approaches to hitting conservation targets in Australia, to help regional governments understand the costs, benefits and trade-offs of different policy options.
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Areas surrounding tropical forest nature reserves also need protection
To preserve rich biodiversity in protected areas of tropical forests, safeguarding the surrounding area can be just as important as safeguarding the park or reserve itself. This is according to a new study, which assessed the ecological health of 60 protected areas across the tropics.
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