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Electrification of UK railways - the priority

Electrification of UK railways - the priority


ATOC (Association of train operating companies)

o The UK has one of the lowest proportions of electrified railway in Europe. ATOC has been advocating that this should be improved and therefore welcomes the Government´s confirmation of a number of schemes for extension of further electrification. Approved schemes now include infill plans for the North West and particularly those for the Great Western Main Line, to Bristol and Cardiff, and for the Trans-Pennine route between Manchester and York via Leeds

1. There is a sound basis for further electrification; it will reduce operating costs, improve journey times and cut carbon emissions. We are working closely with the Department for Transport (DfT) and Network Rail (NR) to develop and implement these schemes and further plans. We wish to capitalise on these welcome announcements which indicate a continued commitment to investing in future electrification and improvements on Britain´s railways.

1 In October 2010 the Coalition government confirmed electrification plans for the lines between Liverpool, Manchester, Preston and Blackpool. In March 2011 the Great Western electrification plans were confirmed to extend to Bristol and Cardiff and, most recently, in November 2011 the Trans-Pennine scheme between Manchester and Leeds/York were approved.

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