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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Effects of organochlorine pollution on animals take a long time to wear off
Populations of otters, grey seals and sea eagles are slowly recovering in Sweden, which is likely to be thanks in part to a ban on organochlorine chemicals, such as PCBs and DDT, in the 1970s, according to a new study. However, the research shows that negative effects of these chemicals on the reproductive health of female animals persisted for more than 15 years after the ban was introduced.
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A human-focused approach to measuring ocean health
A new index for measuring the health of oceans considers the benefits of the sea to humans, as well as the status of natural components, such as biodiversity. According to the researchers who developed the index, it provides a powerful tool for allocating resources and improving policy in the management of marine ecosystems.
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Fine-tuned policies needed to limit phosphorus runoff
New research in Ireland has evaluated two policies designed to reduce phosphorus runoff from agricultural land into water. Data indicate that policies need to be better tailored to specific times and locations, in order to deal with, for example, the impact of seasonal changes and different soil types on phosphorus runoff.
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Greater emphasis of cost savings could reduce home energy use
New insights into energy saving behaviour in the home could help inform measures to ensure the EU meets energy efficiency targets. A new study shows that younger and more educated households have more positive attitudes towards energy conservation, and suggests that greater emphasis of the financial benefits associated with energy savings could help reduce energy use in households that are less-motivated to save energy for environmental reasons.
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Mediterranean capital pollution has far-reaching effects on air quality
New research has modelled the impacts of Athens and Istanbul in the eastern Mediterranean, on local and regional air quality. Results indicate that the impacts of megacity pollution vary significantly according to the time of year and that air quality improvements will require coordinated efforts within the eastern Mediterranean region and beyond.
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Pricing policies for efficient water management
Researchers have developed a new method to investigate the effects of different water pricing policies at the river basin scale. The system is intended to be used when water has to be allocated to different users under conditions of water scarcity.
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