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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Groundwater footprint reveals unsustainable water consumption
Reservoirs of water stored under the earth's surface, otherwise known as groundwater, are a valuable resource. However, using a footprinting method, a new global study has indicated that about 1.7 billion people live in areas where groundwater is being used more quickly than it can be replenished.
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Research stations in Antarctica could be affecting magnetic fields
A new aerial survey is the first to assess the possible impact of a research station in Antarctica on magnetic fields. Estimations indicated that the station generated a magnetic field that extends up to 650 metres from the station with a peak strength of 2800 nanotesla (nT) within 100 metres from the station on the ground. This may have implications for organisms in Antarctica that are negatively affected by magnetic fields, but further research is needed to investigate this.
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Sustain growth in eco-industry for a green economy, study argues
A recent study has provided support for an alternative means of tackling the unsustainability of resource-intensive economic growth. Using examples of best practice, it upholds a model of moderate growth in GDP combined with a significant increase in the environmental technology market and greater resource-efficiency across all industries.
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What makes railway noise annoying? Research investigates
A new study into the impact of railway noise has revealed that it is not just the level of noise that contributes to annoyance for local residents, but also the number of trains and the vibrations they cause. As railway transport is likely to increase in coming years, plans are needed to reduce these effects.
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EU ship emissions directive improves air quality in harbours
To reduce air pollution levels in harbours, EU Directive 2005/33/EC requires all anchored ships to use fuels with low sulphur content. A recent study of air quality in Mediterranean harbours shows that levels of sulphur dioxide have decreased significantly since the Directive was implemented in 2010.
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