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Traktor Steyr na zemní plyn (CNG)

Ekologická auta
Traktor Steyr na zemní plyn (CNG)

  • Steyr - first production tractor powered by natural gas
  • Profi 4135 Natural Power equipped with special mono-fuel engine to deliver energy efficiency and clean exhaust emissions
  • Ideal drive concept for farming businesses with biogas plants

With the world increasingly focused on its finite resources, particularly with regard to energy, and sustainable, efficient agricultural systems becoming increasingly significant, Steyr is using Agritechnica to launch the first series production tractor powered by environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient natural gas.

Clean alternative to the diesel engine
The new Steyr Profi 4135 Natural Power is equipped with a turbocharged mono-fuel CNG (compressed natural gas) engine, made by Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT), another Fiat group company. The engine is a 3.0 litre, four-cylinder unit, producing 100 kW/136 hp rated - 105 kW/143 hp max power and a maximum torque of 542 Nm at transmission input shaft.
The storage of gas, divided in nine fuel tanks, has a capacity of 300 liters in total, which are harmoniously integrated into the tractor's bodywork.

The tractor is fitted with a 17 x 16 four-range powershift transmission and has a top speed of 50 kph. It is also equipped the with all of the features found on the standard Profi series, including load-sensing hydraulics delivering a flow rate of 113 litres/min, up to seven remote connections and an electronically-controlled rear hitch with a lifting capacity of 7864 kg. The 540/540E and 1000 rpm power take off with Auto PTO and an S-Tech 300 ISOBUS-compatible monitor are also part of the standard equipment.

Sustainable drive concept for agriculture
There are several arguments in favour of using monovalent natural gas tractors for agricultural purposes. In addition to much lower operating costs, there are also the favourable environmental aspects to take into consideration. Methane has the lowest carbon content of any fuels, it burns odour-free and with far fewer emissions -particulates are as much as 99 % lower. As the tractor can be powered using refined biogas, Steyr engineers point out that this kind of drive concept is particularly suited to those farms that have their own biogas plants.

"Natural gas, or biogas, is in many ways the better choice for agricultural applications, as it produces 25 % lower CO2 emissions and 95 % less nitrous oxide when compared with diesel combustion," explains Global Product Marketing Manager at Steyr for monovalent natural gas concepts.

"We believe there will be a number of potential applications in future for this clean engine technology; in the municipal sector, for example, and for agricultural operations that have a biogas plant and can use 'fuel from field' to power a vehicle fleet".
The new Steyr Profi market launch is scheduled for the 2015.

More information on Steyr tractors is available online at www.steyr-traktoren.com.

ZDROJ:www.steyr-traktoren.com, uparveno

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