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AvtoVAZ moves to new technology and plans to release Lada Priora CNG Plus. The new car will run on dual fuel: gas and gasoline. This approach is particularly relevant in light of rising fuel prices - despite the temporary stabilization of the end of the year diesel fuel and gasoline may grow by another 20%.

The new Priora has already been presented to the public at the Moscow International Motor Show in 2010. The project to create a bi-fuel model at AvtoVAZ launched four years ago. Now at the Volga plant has already produced two test models in the sedan and wagon.

According to the developer, a new version is equipped with four plastic-metal cylinders that are placed under the floor in the rear of the car. This location is very convenient because the trunk remains free. The engine is supplemented gas injector rail, regulator and high pressure.

Highlight of "VAZ" news is that the machine has a full-size fuel tank, and that can significantly increase the range of the one gas refill run. Thus, the driver can drive on natural gas up to 330 kilometers, and on gasoline - up to 580 kilometers. The volume of gas tanks are 96 liters, and the gasoline tank capacity is 43 liters.

It should be noted that the Lada Priora CNG Plus come in two body styles - sedan and wagon. As for predictions, the future is likely after cars on gas, experts say. Soon, this version will replace conventional gasoline cars and notorious electric cars .Based on these data, the company AvtoVAZ plans to negotiate with "Gazprom" on how to increase the number of fueling stations for future innovations.

There are a lot of pluses in driving on "gas". The most obvious - is, of course, savings. The owners of cars running on natural gas, fuel costs are 2-3 times less than those who drive on gasoline. In addition, because the compressed and liquefied natural gas have a high octane rating, it reduces the load on the details of the piston group and crank mechanism. Also, due to the fact that the combustion of gas is not explosive character and the gas does not wash off the oil film on the surface of the cylinder, increases the service life of the engine - an average of 40%.

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