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Top 10 articles in Science for Environment Policy, 2012

Top 10 articles in Science for Environment Policy, 2012

Here are the 10 most popular articles published in Science for Environment Policy's News Alert in 2012..

1. Contaminated vegetables from polluted gardens may pose health risk, July 2012
City dwellers who grow their own fruit and vegetables may be consuming high levels of pollutants, a study conducted in Berlin finds.
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2. Fracking: a serious concern for surface water as well as groundwater, February 2012
The implications of shale gas exploration and extraction for surface water and terrestrial ecosystems are often overlooked, according to a US study.
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3. Economic value of green infrastructure estimated by new method, January 2012
A new method has been developed to place monetary value on green infrastructure, at both a project and regional scale.
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4. Environmental awareness does not lead to smaller carbon footprints, July 2012
Environmentally responsible attitudes and behaviour do not necessarily translate into real benefits for the environment, according to the results of a Hungarian study.
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5. Microplastics from washing machine wastewater are polluting beaches, February 2012
Scientists warn that tiny plastic particles from laundry wastewater are being washed into the marine environment.
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6. Ensuring bio-based plastics are truly sustainable, April 2012
Research indicates that, as yet, no bio-based plastics are sustainable, owing to practices including pesticide use. However, further technological development could change this.
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7. Birds and butterflies fail to follow climate change temperature rise, March 2012
The habitat ranges of European bird and butterfly populations are not keeping up with changing temperatures, a study concludes.
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8. GHG policy should cover 'upstream' electric vehicle emissions, July 2012
A US study calls for regulators to establish a process which considers the full lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of electric vehicles.
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9. Shale gas: report highlights potential environmental risks, February 2012
The risk of contaminated ground and surface waters and leaked methane emissions remain key concerns associated with shale gas projects, a report suggests.
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10. Carbon storage of urban green space estimated, April 2012
The results of a German study indicate that urban green space can act as a carbon sink, but its design and maintenance influence the amount of carbon stored.
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