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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Bacterial genes involved in making toxic methylmercury are identified
Research into mercury has identified two genes in bacteria that appear to be required for turning the metal into its most toxic form, methylmercury. The study adds to a growing body of research that helps us to understand the transformations that mercury undergoes in the environment and the microbes involved in these transformations.
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Choosing between established and innovative policy measures: controlling invasive species
Assessing the potential of new environmental management tools often brings an `innovation dilemma´: is it better to stick with what is known to work, or to implement new measures that are potentially more effective, but also more uncertain? Researchers have proposed an approach to deal with these dilemmas, and applied it to the case study of an invasive species programme in the US.
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Odour and environmental concerns of communities near waste disposal facilities
A recent study has investigated how waste disposal sites in southern Italy have affected residents living nearby. Villagers reported being annoyed by odours, but the perceptions of residents living in the village closest to the facilities were possibly influenced by receiving financial compensation for the presence of the facilities.
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Micro wind turbines and wildlife: integrating planning with ecology
The ecological impacts of micro wind turbines (up to 50 kW) are treated in a diverse way by different local authorities in the UK during the planning approval process, research suggests. The study calls for ecologists, policymakers, planners and industry representatives to improve the integration of ecological information within planning, and for greater guidance for local authorities on the ecological considerations of micro-turbines.
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Wood from illegal harvesting in EU markets estimated
Illegal timber imports into the EU were between 8 and 18 million m^3 in 2009, representing 6-13% of total imports, new research suggests. Although figures for illegal logging are associated with high uncertainties, the authors claim that these figures provide the best available estimates for policy and decision makers.
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