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Nabídka technologie - Wi-fi chytrý termostat pro úsporu elektřiny v domácnosti

Nabídka technologie - Wi-fi chytrý termostat pro úsporu elektřiny v domácnosti

Spanish company specialized in energy management has developed a technology, a wi-fi smart thermostat for energy saving. It is an innovative technology that learns from people´s habits at home in order to rationalize energy costs and reduce environmental impact. The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance, including the necessary consultancy to adapt the technology to specific local needs.

This technology is focused on reducing home energy consumption through improving efficiency, which seems to be the only sustainable option nowadays.

Current thermostats installed at people´s homes lack efficiency. Programmable thermostats offer a partial solution but can be very complex and difficult to use. Therefore in most cases are pronotgrammed incorrectly, thereby limiting considerably the energy savings they are able to offer.

This smart thermostat solves the problem incorporating an innovative software that combined with different sensors (temperature, light, proximity and motion), allows the system to automatically learn from people´s lifestyle, adapting the home temperature. It creates a personalized schedule based on the temperature changes the users make. As a result of this, it knows at any given moment how warm it house should be without having to do anything. It is also able to differentiate between weekdays and week-ends for even bigger energy savings.

Main features of this technology are the following:

-Block/deblock option
-Calendar and schedule auto-Setup
-Manual temperature adjustment
-Temperature ranges: 5-40 °C / 32-140 °F
-Automatic night turn-off
-Takes into account external weather conditions
-Fully compatible with PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone
-Email based customer alerts
-Languages: english , german , french and spanish
-Automatic switch from heat to air conditioning
-Individual schedule 7 days a week with 4 different options
-+/- 3 degrees selection
-Real-time devise control
-Automatic updates
-Web access or through an app on smartphone
-Private, secure and encrypted communications
Innovations and advantages of the offer
Main advantages and innovations related to this technology are the following:

-It saves up to 20% of the energy bill by controlling and monitoring energy consumption.
-Presence function: Sensor that allows significant energy savings by automatically adjusting the temperature to avoid over heating or cooling an empty home.
-Cooling function: Optimizes the usage of air-conditioning by automatically turning it off a few minutes early but keeping the fan running. The air stays cool whilst costs are significantly reduced.
-History function: Monitors heating and air-conditioning usage and costs. This information will allow users to understand when most of the costs are produced.
-Full remote control function: Allows real time management of the thermostat anytime, anyplace, anywhere through any browser or a free app available for any type of smartphone.
-Real time function: Calculates the average time that a home takes to heat up or cool down. This function significantly reduces energy costs as it optimizes the time that the heating or air-conditioning needs to be turned on.
-Saving function: Shows when users are making savings against the average heat and air-conditioning costs.
-Vacations function: When users are on holiday, the thermostat will suspend what it has learnt. Users will be able to define which date they will return and can even change that date from their Smartphone or browser if they decide to return earlier.
Current and Potential Domain of Application
This is a suitable solution for any kind of home and small and medium companies.

(Ref: 13 ES 28F9 3SLG )

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