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Nabídka technologie - Měření spotřeby elektřiny pomocí bezdrátových sensorů

Nabídka technologie - Měření spotřeby elektřiny pomocí bezdrátových sensorů

A Spanish technological-based company, specialized in wireless monitoring and control systems, has developed a technology for measuring the energy consumption of machinery, equipment, electrical panel boards, facilities, or even buildings in real-time. It is based on a wireless sensor network which sends information to a software platform allowing the metering and monitoring of any parameter. The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

The system is based on a wireless sensors network (WSN) that allows a reliable monitoring of current voltage, apparent power, etc. as well as wireless metering of any kind: water, electricity and even gas. Collected data is sent to a proprietary software platform for its analysis and management.

Data analysis facilitates an enhanced use of energy resources, adjusting energy consumption toward actual needs. Data can be integrated with client´s energy management system itself.

General features associated to this technology are the following:

o Highly flexible and scalable system, expandable to monitor other environmental parameters such as dust or presence detection.
o Recording of data monitored and secured to prevent fraud.
o Alarm management service (SMS / email). Alarms are triggered when parameters are out-of-range or the device is low-battery.
o Tailored reporting and statistics for users.
o Historical records of at least three years.
o Visualization of environmental values on gateway´s main screen.
o Interoperable with other security systems installed.
o Web-compliant, Internet-accessible.
o Support for storage via SD card or external USB drive.
o CE marking (electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility).
o Set of M2M(Machine-to-Machine)services.

Advanced key features:

o Possibility of incorporating wireless actuators (relays) for automatic control of air conditioning, illumination systems, etc.
o Simultaneous access and control of multiple areas from a single console.
o Sending of alerts to multiple recipients via phone and email.
o Set and configure alarms for multiple recipients.
o Textual and graphical display of recorded values.
o Logging of alarms and alarms display in the log window.
o Management of the network of sensors.
o It can be integrated with wireless actuators to control environmental values (air conditioning, security).
o Programs definition as needed.
o Generation of statistics and reports configurable by the user.
o Users and user profiles management.
o Controlled access to the application via login.
o Reconfigurable GUI (Graphical User Interface) according to user profile.
o Language configuration.
Innovations and advantages of the offer
Main innovations and advantages associated to this technology are the following:

o Economic saving: allowing enhanced energy consumption management.
o Improved energy efficiency: compliant with the regulations currently in force and the economic sustainability.
o Easy installation, since it is based on wireless units.
o Continuous monitoring 24x7x365.
o Easy system management: human-machine interface through a touch screen.
Current and Potential Domain of Application
Companies interested in improving their efficiency in energy consumption and consultancy firms which conduct energy audits or consumption readings.

(Ref: 13 ES 28F9 3SLD )

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