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Nabídka technologie - Šnekový rotační motor s vnitřním spalováním - mikro kogenerace tepla a elektřiny

Nabídka technologie - Šnekový rotační motor s vnitřním spalováním - mikro kogenerace tepla a elektřiny

A small engineering Italian company specialized in energy systems and management has developed an innovative scroll compressor that can work also as an expander: the concept is based on a mixture gas combustion within the spiral labyrinth, causing overpressure within the 2 scroll elements, leading to energy efficiency resuts.
Industrial partner is sought for prototype definition and testing, production and commercialisation. Licensing agreements are considered.

Traditional scroll compressors have a series of drawbacks that makes them inefficient.
With this innovative device, ignition and combustion of the combustible mixture take place in chambers confined within the volume protions defined between both spirals, of which preferably only one is orbiting and the other stationary.
Thus, mixture ignition and combustion take place within a chamber confined by the spirals of the expander element, instead of taking place in the region upstream and outside such spirals, as taught by the prior art. Such a chamber in which the mixture and gas mass is contained evolves along the spiral path and increases in volume; consequently, the mixture entering the expander can be at a pressure close to atmospheric pressure and it will not suffer from overheating and overpressure due to its compression.

Innovations and advantages of the offer
The rotary scroll internal combustion engine is innovative: the main differences and advantages compared to standard reciprocating motors are:
1) Less (50%) component/parts/weight at the same power output: less material cost (50%), smaller dimensions;
2) No lubrification oil required;
3) Lower friction, less maintenance costs (80% less)
4) Lower air pollution/noise emission: suitable for home installations (80% less).

Current and Potential Domain of Application
Goal applications are the use as micro combined heat and power device, with high potential cost effective compared to standard reciprocating engine or fuel cell.
The invention can be applied into a variety of different fields: manufacturing of small-size machines for co-generation of electric er and heat (machines can be built for instance by associating the rotary engine with an electric generator equipped with an inverter, for sending the produced electric power to the mains).
It can replace standard methane heaters, as micro-generators for hybrid cars.

(Ref: 13 IT 52T2 3SOC )

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