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Geological museum of Bucuresti

Ekologická dovolená, cestování
Geological museum of Bucuresti

The National Museum of Geology

Bucuresti, Muntenia

Phone 021 2128952
Address Sos. Kiseleff, 2


The National Museum of Geology building was built between years 1906-1907, according to the plans of the architect Victor Stefanescu. On April 10, 1990 the National Museum of Geology is inaugurated and officially opened to the public.

At that time, in the building constructed at the beginning of the century was the the Geological Institute of Romania, an unique geological museum which gave the public, in a logical systematization and extremely attractive, the most modern ideas that relate to the sciences of Earth.

The National Museum of Geology collections include an endowment of more than 80,000 samples of minerals, rocks and fossils. The museum is organized as a book, illustrating the main areas of geology.

The Geological Museum collection spreads over several rooms over three levels. The museum has rooms dedicated to mineralogy, petrography, paleontology, external and internal dynamics of the Earth, hydrogeology, paleobotanics, tectonics of Romania, oil, useful metal and non-metallic mineral substances, fluorescent minerals and mine flowers.

Due to extensive research activities made by geologists of the Geological Institute of Romania or of the partner universities with geological profile, was formed over time the entire samples stock. The Geological Institute of Romania organizes every year jewelry, crystals and gemstones exhibition at the National Museum of Geology.

Open: Daily 10.00 - 18.00.
Museum visitors are allowed until 17:00

Access routes
Metro (lines M2 and M3): station "Victory Square"
Bus: lines 182, 300, 783, 784
Tram: 20, 24, 34, 46
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