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Nový způsob těžby sedimentů a jejich další zpracování

Nový způsob těžby sedimentů a jejich další zpracování
PopisLotyšská společnost vyvinula ekologický způsob těžby sedimentů z jezer, řek a nádrží a extrakci cenných látek z těchto sedimentů. Společnost hledá partnery pro implementaci či vlastníky jezer, kteří mají zájem o jejich vyčištění.

A Latvian company has developed environmentally friendly sapropel mining and processing technology. The mining technology allows to mine sapropel from lakes, rivers or ponds without sediment dispersing. The process has two benefits - cleaning the lake and extraction of valuable product - sapropel for further application. The company seeks for various collaboration partners - for implementation of the technology, consumers of sapropel, and owners of lakes who want to clean-up the environment.

Description: The company offers to transfer a well-proven technology for utilizing lake sediments in creating climate-smart agriculture. At the moment the technology is realised in Latvia for environmentally friendly sapropel mining and organic fertilizer production. The technology is based on extracting the bottom sediments only, and not the overlying water, through slurry suction and pumping to a nearby factory to be mixed with peat for fertilizer production. The fertilizer has been certified by governmental and private organizations and has undergone extensive field trials in many countries. So far no one could take such high density slurry to 500 m distance before. Applying the patented method the silt with moisture of 90-97% is pumped from the lake bed through the floating pipeline to the production workshop on the lakeside. From the storage tank crude dosed sapropel is fed into the processing plant where it is mixed with the peat, previously cut, dried and sterilized. Within the mixer the particles of crude sapropel mix with dry peat particles resulting in the formation of peat and sapropel granules with the redistribution of moisture to the dry particles of peat. This method of production results in a product that has low humidity in the range of 60-70% and the necessary flowability. Using innovative technology, the sapropel flows from deposits to the production line in closed process (with no air contact). The sapropel is not exposed to either heat or chemical treatment ensuring that the finished product preserves natural activity of sapropel and purity. The company mines sapropel with a special dredger named EHT25WINTER which dredges sediments with natural moisture of 85-97% from 9m depth and pumps it using floating pipeline at the distance up to 750m. The company had carried out three projects under the given technology in Latvia - two with Pneuma dredgers and one using EHT Chamber pump. The company seeks collaboration partners for constructing and building sapropel mining and processing plants anywhere or invest in constructing a factory in Latvia that would produce at least 200,000 tons per year of sapropel products. The company seeks for lake managers as well, who wants to: o clean the bottom deposits in lakes or surface waters; o lower the infilling of lakes, both from natural sources and agricultural erosion products; o increase the water holding capacity of lakes by removing bottom deposits; o prolong the lifetime of lakes restoring ; o improving and increasing the fisheries and other aquatic life (mammals, birds, etc.); o developing long-term sustainability of the lakes; o restoring the lake to its natural holistic ecosystem status. In addition the company looks for collaboration partners who are interested in production of sapropel based products, such as, but not only: o natural fertilizers; o fertilizing ameliorative mixtures; o ready substrates; o food supplement for animals and birds; o granulated animal feedstuff; o products for cosmetology, SPA, rehabilitation, etc.

Advantages and Innovations: o Careful removal of bottom silt from lakes (rivers, ponds) without sediment dispersing. o Lake aqua-sphere recovery and prolongation of lake´s life. o Fresh water stock gain in decontaminated lakes. o Fishery stock gain. o Methane and carbon dioxide emission decrease. o Production of organic fertilizer and other products based on sapropel.
Stage of Development: Already on the market
IPR status: Patents granted

Type of partner sought: Industry, investor, lake manager. Specific area of activity of the partner: Machine building for agriculture, managing the lakes or renovating water areas, producing organic fertilizers or other products from sapropel. Task to be performed: Implementation the technology of sapropel extraction; investment in sapropel extraction plant, e.g. establishing joint venture; order cleaning-up of water areas; use sapropel as source material for production of various products - organic fertilizers, health care products, etc.

Type of Partnership Considered: Commercial agreement with technical assistance
Financial agreement
Joint venture agreement
Services agreement
Technical cooperation agreement

Zdroj: www.inovace.cz

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