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Turecká textilka hledá nové technologie pro snížení spotřeby vody ve výrobě.

Firemní ekologie
Turecká textilka hledá nové technologie pro snížení spotřeby vody ve výrobě.

PopisTurkish textile company is looking for a new technology to reduce their huge water consumption in manufacturing process.
POD Reference: TRTR20131129001
A Turkish woven fabric textile manufacturer seeks a technology which helps them to reduce their consumption of water and energy. The company wants to redesign their manufacturing process with a new technology for a more sustainable production.This textile /garment manufacturer is now looking for technical cooperation and a commercial agreement with technical assistance.The company is also interested in making manufacturing agreements.
A textile/garment manufacturer in Turkey wants to take sustainable production measures and is therefore reorganizing its process stages. They want to decrease their water consumption, wastewater generation, greenhouse gas emission and NaCl consumption in the company. Water pollution due to textile industry has become a major problem in Turkey. This Turkish company is willing to cooperate with universities, R&D companies, SMEs, Inventors etc. to take serious measure with new technologies. The company has been producing woven fabrics for women clothing in its production facility located in central of Anatolia since 2003.The company employs 147 workers and operates in a covered area of 10.000m2. Both yarns and raw fabrics are used as the raw materials in the company. They end up as finished fabrics after several production processes. Yarn in first turned into raw woven fabric by warping followed by weaving. After weaving, raw fabric is prepared to dyeing through singeing, desizing, scouring, bleaching and mercerizing processes. Fabric preparation is followed by dyeing and finally finishing processes to produce finished fabrics.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
A new solution/technology must reduce water consumption at least %20-30, wastewater amount %20, and production time %10-15.
Stage of Development: Already on the market

- Type of partner sought: Industrial partner, research institute, public laboratory in textile sector,SMEs, universities etc. Experience in textile yarn production sector is preferring.

- Specific area of activity of the partner:Waste management, recycling, recovering,textile or chemicals sector.

-Task to be performed by the partner sought: Provide a new solution/technology while producing textiles according to the requirements mentioned.

Zdroj: www.inovace.cz

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