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Poptávka - Zařízení pro recyklaci vody v indické destilační továrně

Poptávka - Zařízení pro recyklaci vody v indické destilační továrně

PopisPOD Reference: TRIN20131107002
Indická společnost hledá inovativní technologii pro zpracování odpadní vody, která zajistí nulový unik znečištěné vody z destilačního procesu.

An Indian project development company is seeking innovative effluent treatment technologies that will ensure zero liquid discharge from the distillery industry. The company is currently developing an effluent treatment plant for processing 0.8 million liters per day of wastewater in north India. They are seeking industry partners for joint ventures, technical cooperation or commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Distilleries are amongst the most water intensive industries, and have been ranked as heaviest polluter among 17 heavily polluting industries by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, India. On an average 8-15 liters of effluent is generated for one liter of alcohol produced. 2.75 billion liters of alcohol and 40 billion litres of effluent water is being produced in India annually by the 295 distilleries. Approximately 88% of the raw material is converted in waste and released as wastewater. The high BOD, COD and TSS content in the distillery effluent makes it imperative to develop an elaborate treatment solution for attaining zero liquid discharge. The industry generates large volumes of dark brown coloured (black liquor), acidic wastewater called spentwash, with high BOD (45,000-60,000 mg/l) and COD (80,000-120,000 mg/l) content temperature of about 100 degree Celsius and very high TDS content. Apart from high organic content, distillery wastewater contains nutrients in the form of nitrogen (1660-4200 mg/l), phosphorus (225-3038 mg/l) and potassium (9600-17,475 mg/l) that can lead to eutrophication in water bodies. The spent wash has unique effluent properties which offers challenges in operation of current treatment systems and attainment of standards.

The Indian company has received mandate for developing a model project for one of the major distilleries in Uttar Pradesh. The project would be developed on a DBFOT (Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Transfer) model. The effluent treatment plant incorporating innovative and the finest technological solutions for complete recycle and reuse of the wastewater would be set up at the industry by ETI Dynamics. The project requires effective and competent water treatment technologies for the ETP, that can efficiently cater to the particular quantity and quality of wastewater generated; to deliver treated water which could be reused in the industry.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
Technological solutions to provide complete removal of BOD, COD and solids is essential. Looking at the current scenario, there is a need for development of a suitable technology with lower investments, higher energy recovery and effluent treatment efficiency. Attainment of zero liquid discharge (ZLD) is required in the distilleries. The ZLD poses to be a high recovery process providing solution for treatment and disposal of the concentrate, recovering more than 90% water from the waste stream. The high organic content in wastewater can be subjected to treatment options for the production of biogas, composting, aquaculture and potash recovery.

The distillery industry in the state of Uttar Pradesh has been facing the issue of untreated wastewater discharge in the Ganga river, due to obsolete technologies for effluent treatment.

The Indian company requires novel and cutting edge technologies for the distillery sector which would be instrumental in attainment of ZLD. The technology would be employed in the ETP of the concerned distillery industry in the state and provide for holistic recycle and reuse of the treated water.

Stage of Development: Proposal under development

Comments Regarding Stage of Development:
The effluent treatment plant (ETP) to be developed by the Indian company as a part of the model project in an Uttar Pradesh distillery would require the best technology solutions. The effluent quantity should be minimized to the extent of achieving zero liquid discharge. The objective is to gather the most innovative technology solution, and develop an ETP, which could then be replicated to the other distillery clusters in the state and the country on successful completion.

Type of partner sought: Technology Partner

Specific area of activity of the partner: Technology Provider

Task to be performed: Provide expert knowledge and technologies to enable zero liquid discharge for distilleries. Participate in a joint venture for further development of innovative technologies

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