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Pumpy na fotovoltaický pohon pro pumpování zavlažovací vody v zemědělství

Solární energie
Pumpy na fotovoltaický pohon pro pumpování zavlažovací vody v zemědělství
POD Reference: TRIT20131103001

An Italian multidisciplinary small company working on social innovation topics is looking for a technology to complete a renewable energy powered system to replace diesel pump in agriculture. It is looking for an efficient but economic pump able to push 10 litres per second from 5m depth. The pump will be powered by photovoltaic panels, with which it constitutes an integrated and transportable system. The technology requested can either be at an advanced test stage or fully developed.

The proponent is defining an integrated system to replace diesel-powered pump for agricultural irrigation, to reduce the environmental impact. The developed concept is composed by many components: photovoltaic panels, pump, ... The proponent must improve its solution idea by looking for a more adequate pumping subsystem. Solutions analyzed have deficiencies in pumping capacity and/or high demand for energy. The goal is to be able to handle the pump with only 3 solar panels. The principal requirement is: - capacity: pump up to 10 litres per second from 5m depth By the scheduled uses, a surface pump is preferable to submersible pumps. Due to some design constraints, the use of a micro irrigation water delivery system is not considered.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The principal requirements are:
- directly powered by some photovoltaic panels
- capacity: pump up to 10 litres per second from 5m depth Because the concepted system represents a moveable solution, it is important to reduce size and weight.
Another important element is a low cost, because the overall system must be also economically advantageous compared to the diesel pump. Moreover the pump must be strong and light, and able to be surface-mounted.

Stage of Development: Under development/lab tested

Comments Regarding Stage of Development:
the company is designing the concept of the system. It needs to integrate a pump at an advanced test stage or one that is fully-developed.

Type of partner sought: industry

Specific area of activity of the partner: Manufacturer of pumps Manufacturer of solar pumps

Task to be performed: integration and testing of the solution
Technologie / licence / produkt Hledám technologii nebo licenci
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