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Výroba vodíku z etanolu

Výroba vodíku z etanolu
Title: Ethanol to hydrogen process
POD Reference: TOFR20131129001

An organization, based in the north of France developed a catalytic process to convert ethanol in presence of water to hydrogen. The new method is clean and operates at low temperature and pressure. The resulting hydrogen has application as an industrial chemical and as a fuel. The organization would like to collaborate with companies of the energy and fine chemical sectors interested to collaborate through commercial agreements / licensing agreements.

Hydrogen (H2) is an important chemical product; it is the most widely used industrial gas in the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries.
Annual world hydrogen production is currently around 5x10(11) Nm3 corresponding to about 2% of primary energy demand. Hydrogen is in demand as an industrial chemical and as a fuel for internal combustion engines and fuel cells.
Generating, recovering and purchasing of hydrogen have significant impact on refinery operating costs. More importantly, overall refinery operations may be constrained by the availability of hydrogen. Since biomass is expected to be one of the major global primary energy sources of the future, modern, efficient and sustainable uses of biomass are considered very promising and even inescapable in the future energy- and chemicals-portfolio. In order to support a clean and sustainable hydrogen economy, it is urgently desirable to produce hydrogen from renewable energy sources, such as biomass-derived materials.
In the present work, the research team has answered the demand by developing a high-yield Hydrogen synthesis process from alcohol (in presence of water) requiring low energy input with an inexpensive catalyst and that has a limited formation of carbon.
So far, the catalyst synthesis has been assessed on a large laboratory scale and the synthesis of Hydrogen has been successfully assessed with said catalyst:
catalyst with C2H5OH / H2O / O2 - Oven temperature 50°C
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