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Přímé nabíjení elektrokol pomocí fotovoltaického panelu

Solární energie
Přímé nabíjení elektrokol pomocí fotovoltaického panelu
PopisPOD Reference: TRFR20140128001
A French SME, specialized in the selling & hiring of electric bicycles for touristic and urban mobility purposes, is willing to find a solution to charge bike battery directly from photovoltaic panels. Without any need of power inverter, therefore always in direct current (DC). Solution already in the market is sought for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A French SME is specialized in the hiring and selling of electric bicycles in urban and touristic areas: they set up bike-stations in partnership with tourism agencies and urban authorities in order to propose innovative solutions to enhance services and functionalities.
The charging of bikes battery is an issue; both regarding the charging units needed along the path of bikes users and also the time required until the battery is full. They are therefore searching a battery charging solution from photovoltaic panels located in the offices where the bikes are parked. The solution should charge the power directly to the battery, without power inverter; always in direct current (DC).
Electric power converter manufacturer is sought for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
No power inverter needed
Low cost solution with fast charging
Direct current maintained

Stage of Development: Already on the market

Comments Regarding Stage of Development: Ready-to-use solution sought.

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Electric power converter manufacturer.

Their role would be to supply the solution; to be integrated into the charging installation of the French company (the offices being located in the South East of France, mainly in touristic areas).

Type of Partnership Considered: Commercial agreement with technical assistance

Technologie / licence / produkt Hledám technologii nebo licenci
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