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Sv.Petrohrad - Helsinki rychlovlakem (Allegro Train: Helsinki-St.Petersburg-Helsinki)

Sv.Petrohrad - Helsinki rychlovlakem (Allegro Train: Helsinki-St.Petersburg-Helsinki)

Allegro Train: Helsinki-St.Petersburg-Helsinki

General information:

Number of cars: 7

Number of passenger seats: 337

Maximum speed: 220 km / h

`Allegro´ train (the name means `fast´ in Italian) is the easiest way to travel between Helsinki and Saint-Petersburg. It takes only 3.5 hours to get from Saint-Petersburg to Helsinki or vice versa. No rush with passing the customs - all border formalities are carried out on the train.

In Saint-Petersburg the train departs from the Finlandskiy railway station. There is a stop at Vyborg before crossing the border. Then there are five stops in Finland: Vainikkala, Kouvola, Lahti, Tikkurila and Pasila. Finally the train arrives to Helsinki central railway station.

A trip by Allegro train is very comfortable. All staff onboard is specially trained and speaks English, Russian and Finnish. All cars have air-conditions and drinking water. Each seat is equipped with a folding table, adjustable seatback, individual lighting, a socket for charging mobile phones and laptops, pegs for coats, support for the legs, storing pockets for magazines and newspapers.

There are 337 seats in the train, among them 48 business-class seats in the first car and 2 seats for disabled people in the second car. For disabled passengers there is also an accessible toilet, space for wheelchairs and a lift for easy boarding. Passengers are welcomed to the restaurant car with 38 seats and 12 stools at the bar. Families with kids will appreciate the playroom and a table for nappy changing, both in the 7th car. For those who travel with pets there are dog anchors at special seats in the 6th car.

The seats are arranged in rows 2+2with and aisle between, business class seats are arranged in rows 1+2 and have leather covering. Among the amenities that are enjoyed by business class travellers are: headset for listening to the radio, free daily newspapers, hot snack served at the seat, tea & coffee at a self-service counter.

More and photos and booikng of tickets: http://www.russiantrain.com/info/allegro_trains/

ZDROJ: http://www.russiantrain.com

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