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Inovativní technologie pro vodárenství pro větší aglomerace a investory

Inovativní technologie pro vodárenství pro větší aglomerace a investory

PopisConnecting innovative water technologies with major water utilities and investors

POD Reference TRUK20140410001

This London SME is an innovation consultancy working on behalf of major water utilities worldwide. The firm is funded by a number of water utilities to act like an R&D department, seeking out the best innovations in the water sector. They have already helped many SMEs bring innovative technologies into this otherwise challenging market and are constantly seeking out new water technology ideas.This SME is looking for ground-breaking technologies that can be presented to major water utilities.
This SME is looking for ground-breaking technologies that can be presented to major water utilities companies at their innovation forum.

Through the innovation forum run by this SME over 100 innovative SMEs have been invited to present directly to water utilities from Europe and around the globe. Many of these have gone on to technology trials with major utilities and subsequent commercial contracts. Additionally, over lb50m of investment has been secured for SMEs at various stages of market readiness.

In order to ensure impartiality and that technologies chosen to present are selected on technical merit alone, the innovation forum is entirely funded by the utility membership. There is no charge to participating SMEs at any stage.

The industry forum is only one form of assistance on offer; links to investment and knowledge transfer partners are also available.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The SME is looking for companies with innovative technologies or service offerings that could be applied in the water sector. For example, technologies that:

- Use less energy than current technologies
- Are significantly cheaper than existing alternatives
- Are able to outperform current technologies (e.g. a sensor that is more accurate, a filter that has a higher flow rate, etc.)
- Can generate or recover energy from normal water company operations (in-pipe turbines, sludge pre-treatment technologies to improve AD processes, etc.)
- Are able to measure or treat something that cannot easily be measured or treated (reagent less online metal sensors for networks, nutrient removal at WWTW, etc.)
- Can bring a unique benefit of any kind to water utility operations (improved customer service, work management or health and safety for example)

Stage of Development Already on the market

- Type of partner sought: Industry or research partners

- Specific area of activity of the partners: water treatment

- Task to be performed by the partner sought: Sought partner to have ground breaking applications applicable to the water industry

Zdroj: www.inovace.cz

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