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Like North Korea victory stamps, Brexit should be celebrated in advance

As Pyongyang cheers its dominance over the US, Britain should bask in the yet to be completed triumph of leaving the EUI'm still struggling to master the niceties of car hire when we go abroad for our summer holidays. This year I thought I had it cracked when I managed to avoid paying for a third level of insurance cover - I had already bought two by mistake when I'd booked the car back in the UK - after a 10-minute sales pitch from the man at the InterRent agency in Toulouse. But just when I thought he was about to hand over the keys, he said: "You're expected to bring the car back in the same state as you drive it away." "Sure," I replied, only half listening. "That means you have to wash the car and vacuum the interiors," he continued. I assumed he was joking, but he assured me he was deadly serious. "This is a new service we are providing this year," he said. I told him that most people's definition of a service was something that was of value to them, not something that cost money and was a complete hassle. He shrugged. Could he recommend a carwash near the airport? He couldn't. "But if you are prepared to pay an extra ?15, we can do the cleaning for you," he finally offered. I took the ?15 hit, making a note never to use InterRent again. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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