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Why less coverage of floods in South Asia? | Letters

Are American lives simply worth more, wonder Lynne Edwards, Peter Williams, and Susan Howe. Plus letters from Bob Pike and Sheila RigbyWhile I have the greatest sympathy for those who have lost friends, family, pets or property in the Texas floods (Report, 30 August), I am disgusted at the relative number of column inches and amounts of airtime devoted to its coverage. During precisely the same period huge areas of Bangladesh, Nepal and India are suffering an even greater catastrophe, with 1,200 plus lives lost and millions made homeless. Let's get some balance here. America is a rich country and will cope, despite inept leadership. Or are we saying that American lives are worth more?.Susan HoweRoss on Wye, Herefordshireo The contrast between the coverage of floods in Texas and floods in South Asia is stark. Live updating of trivia as well as important events from Houston; the odd report from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and elsewhere. There are probably many more people of South Asian heritage in this country than American. The implicit message is that they, and their relatives, are far less important than a pet in Houston. I don't want Texas coverage reduced, but please take more notice of the rest of the world.Lynne EdwardsNew Quay, Ceredigion Continue reading...
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