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Mountain: Life at the Extreme review - a documentary on survival, death and human peregrines in the Rockies

From the murderous wildlife to a daredevil skier and a man who leaps into the abyss, this series brings the drama of the landscape to life on a grand scaleAn abandoned isolated ranch in the mountains. Something very, very scary is going on at night: murder, on a grand scale. The bones of the dead litter the floors of the dilapidated farm buildings. Magpies pick over the carcass of the most recent victim. Night falls. What was that, in the shadows? And who is next? Maybe you ...Amityville? Blair Witch? Actually, it is a wildlife documentary, about the Rockies. But Mountain: Life at the Extreme (BBC2) - which will also look at wildlife of the Himalayas and the Andes in the two episodes to come - is trying quite hard to be a bit different. Not just the usual: the changing seasons, the hunt for food and a shag etc. Give them a bit of horror, why not. "As night falls, the ranch becomes the realm of the phantom killer," says narrator Douglas Henshall, dropping his voice. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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