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A nice bit of squirrel: should we chow down a diet of invasive species?

Last year, the Shambala festival made headlines by going meat-free. This year, it relaxed the rules for a feast of grey squirrel skewers and crayfish. Should the rest of us follow suit?At Shambala festival, during the hottest bank holiday on record, peace and love is about to turn sour. I am standing next to author Louise Gray, who is here to talk about wild alternatives to mass-produced meat. The cricket brownies are baked; we have been skinning squirrels and marinating them in satay, then decided to unwind by checking out a punk-reggae band in a nearby tent. That is when the singer announces his feelings about her presence there. "Last year this festival was 100% meat- and fish-free. Now they're saying we should eat pests and squirrels," he spits. "It's 2017. If you're still eating the dead bodies of animals, you need to check your fucking privilege." The crowd cheers. I am worried we are about to be ethically eaten alive.In the wake of The Ethical Carnivore, her award-winning account of the year she spent eating roadkill and animals she had killed herself, and investigating abattoirs, Gray received death threats and abuse. Images spring to mind of balaclava-clad activists chucking red paint and righteous invective. "If it comes down to it, I am not with you," I tell her, gallantly. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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