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Escape from hurricane Irma was not an option for most of us in the Caribbean | Gabrielle Thongs

'Climate change' does not adequately capture the chaos brought to these islands by the extreme weather. Poverty will make the recovery even more difficulto Gabrielle Thongs specialises in disaster planning and spatial modelling at the University of the West IndiesThe winds and rain came first, usual for this time of year. Crops drown in the sodden earth, the price of vegetables and fruits in the market rises and, as the rain and wind beat down on the tin roofs and wooden frames of many of our homes, communities bear down for more. Torrential storms, gushing flood waters and devastated infrastructure come next, and lives are lost in their wake. Evacuation is not an option for most citizens of the Caribbean. Instead of escape, survival is a matter of endurance. Related: Irma hits the Caribbean - in pictures Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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