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Natural Selection review - a risky celebration of the dastardly life of birds

Former Newington Library, LondonPolice chases, undercover detectives, secret societies: this bird-themed installation, by artist Andy Holden and his ornithologist father Peter, is full of rough-edged surprisesIt sounds just charming: a long look at all the feathered friends flitting around our back gardens. Yet the cosy material in Natural Selection, an exhibition by father and son duo Andy and Peter Holden, turns out to have more drama than Hitchcock's The Birds, rife with dastardly tales of a criminal underworld, obsession and class conflict.The project, commissioned by public art powerhouse Artangel and sited within London's former Newington Library, takes as its jumping-off point A Natural History of Nest Building, a three-screen film essay presented by artist Andy and his ornithologist father Peter. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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