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The government attacks environmental groups with advice straight from the mining lobby | Tim Flannery

The recommendations would set a dangerous precedent and could hamper any community group that the government deems to be in conflict with its world viewTens of millions of dollars are spent annually on political lobbying for the interests of the fossil fuel sector. That investment serves the interests of a small amount of company shareholders in keeping a legacy industry alive, despite the availability of newer, clean technologies, at lower cost. In the wake of these behind-the-scenes policy negotiations, the real and present impacts of climate change, such as bushfires, coastal flooding and reduced crop yields are left at the door of future generations to deal with. As the expensive fees of industry associations like the Minerals Council are claimed as business expenses, the fossil fuel companies are then able to receive generous tax concessions - paid for from the public purse. That's why the hypocrisy was palpable last week, when the deputy PM said in an address to the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) that the charitable status of environmental groups is against the interests of Australia. Related: Mining lobby calls for 10% limit on environmental charities' spending on advocacy Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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