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Why wet wipes are wreaking havoc on sewers

Increasingly fussy bathroom habits are directly to blame for clogged pipes and human waste bubbling up into our streets and homes. Plus 10 things you should never flush down your toiletTime was when British bottoms were built to withstand the crinkliest, shiniest toilet paper available, and in some cases even to enjoy it. But there has been a fundamental softening in recent years, seen in a growing preference not only for quilted loo roll, but now for wet wipes. The musician Will.i.Am is one leading exponent of damp bottom-wiping. The consequences for our drains, though, are disastrous."If you swill a piece of toilet roll around in some water, it takes seconds for it to disintegrate," explains Simon Evans from Thames Water. "Wet wipes should never be put down drains, because they don't break down - even if the packaging says they are 'biodegradable' or 'flushable'. Only human waste and loo roll should go down our sewers." Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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