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How prepared are we to have our say on marriage equality if a fine or cake stall isn't involved? | Rebecca Huntley

More than deciding the issue itself, the postal survey will be an interesting test of our civic engagement. Only if enough people participate, it will become meaningful As a strong supporter of same-sex marriage I am not happy about the postal survey. But as a career researcher, I am even more dismayed. It's not a plebiscite obviously. It's not a vote as we understand it in the Australian context (not compulsory, not conducted by the AEC and no satisfying sausage afterwards). And no self-respecting researcher would call it a survey. I've started referring to it as "a thingy". But let me be clear - it is a vitally important "thingy". Related: Marriage equality support falls but yes vote still leads - Guardian Essential poll Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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27. března 2020

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