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A four-step plan to keep Labour's revolution rolling | Neal Lawson

Corbyn is hugely popular but the spirit of our age is digital and collaborative. Pluralism and progressive alliances are vital if the party is to own the future No one saw the Labour revolution coming. Not even Jeremy Corbyn. From nowhere new life was breathed into an old party. But with the Tories digging in for a long haul to the next election, next week in Brighton Labour has a choice: to stick or twist.What makes Corbyn special is that he has stuck with everything he ever believed in. But his strengths are also his weaknesses. We have to remember why social democracy lost its power. Yes, the idea of free markets chimed with a more individualistic age, but a lack of responsiveness and heavy doses of paternalism made state socialism unpopular. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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