zpravodajství životního prostředí již od roku 1999

In search of time lost reading Proust twice | Brief letters

Rereading Proust | Corpses' underwear | Passing on clutter | Birds at meetings | Split infinitives | The far rightReading Remembrance of Things Past all the way through is not enough to appreciate Proust's masterpiece (Letters, 26 September). You need to read it a second time in the light of the events in the last volume, particularly the account of the meal at which characters from the previous eleven volumes reappear. The second reading is an entirely different experience, knowing what would happen later to each of the characters. And yes, I have.Karl SabbaghBloxham, Oxfordshireo Re Dead casual: why corpses are dressing down (25 September), having just buried the second of my parents, I wrestled with this dilemma; do you put underwear on a corpse? I sent Dad off wearing pants but Mum went commando. What is the etiquette for underclothing on the dead?Andrew VincentCheltenham, Gloucestershire Continue reading...
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