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Inconvenient facts about livestock farming | Letters

Readers respond to George Monbiot's call for an end to raising animals for foodGeorge Monbiot's fear of the few remaining British farmers (Goodbye - and good riddance - to livestock farming, 4 October) reached new levels when he wrote that the "rich mosaic of rainforest and other habitats that once covered our hills has been erased" and blamed us for the tectonic drift that moved Britain from the equator towards the Arctic, perhaps 300m years ago. In the rest of his article he mixed unrelated science from all over the globe with the peculiar claims of noted eccentrics, and suggested that we should plough unsuitable land to grow soya, which will not grow in this climate, to produce artificial meat in urban factories.He didn't mention inconvenient features of the British ruminant livestock industry, such as the fact that most feed that animals get other than grass is made up of byproducts of the human food industry such as brewers' grains, sugar beet and fruit-juice pulp, most of which would have to go to landfill if cows and sheep did not recycle it. Without the income from this form of recycling, the price of food in the shop would increase. We do need to moderate excessive meat consumption, and we do need to act on climate change, but this article sows confusion that will delay necessary change.Huw JonesSt Clears, Carmarthenshire Continue reading...
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