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A shift to clean energy will come but politics remain vile until the next election | Simon Holmes a Court

The Coalition is fighting battles against each other, the opposition, consumers, facts and future. It can't end well for them or for usIn a mid-January op-ed, former prime minister Tony Abbott gushed about Australia's bountiful "clean coal". I fired off an email to Abbott's office asking for more information about this promising new form of coal -- I mean, if "clean coal" exists, all our problems are solved, right?After sending nine polite emails over four months, all unanswered, I called Abbott's office and spoke to a lovely, yet understandably haggard, office manager, who explained that the former prime minister's priority was his Warringah electorate. I asked if I could speak with his energy advisor and was told that, as a backbencher, Tony Abbott doesn't have the luxury of an energy advisor. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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