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Country diary: sycamores create painterly clumps of colour and shade

Cressbrook Dale, Derbyshire These often despised trees took centuries to go native but today they are a welcome addition to the autumn atmosphere - especially in the rainI find it strange to read in Oliver Rackham's wonderful Trees and Woodland in the British Landscape that sycamores were probably introduced to the UK in the 16th century, but only went native in the 18th. It seems odd, because it is hard to imagine this restless beast of a tree settling for domestic imprisonment for 200 years.My experience is that its whirling helicopter-like "keys", aided only by the slightest breeze, can unpick any attempt to block their escape into the wild. In our Norfolk village I am also astonished how quickly those seeds put down roots and I've even taken to using mole grips to wrestle with the saplings' iron-like purchase on our garden soil. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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