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Energy battle turns to the states, as the sell heats up - politics live

Having won over the party room (for now), the Coalition is preparing to take on the states to get backing for its new energy plan. Meanwhile the yes campaign has a commanding lead among those who have already voted in the same-sex marriage postal survey. Follow the day's events here 10.10pm BST Energy and environment minister, Josh Frydenberg, has attacked the states for expressing criticism of the National Energy Guarantee."It's bizarre for them to be openly critical when they don't have the detail," he told Radio National. 10.09pm BST The Neg is alive and the government has embarked on a sell which could teach Hollywood studio bosses a thing or two.Energy minister Josh Frydenberg was up before the sun hitting the airwaves with his brief of "affordability, reliability and responsibility",the message having been slightly tweaked overnight to acknowledge the environment.What I am saying to everyone and to the premiers who sit around the table at our meetings, you appointed the energy security board. You appointed them as they are smart and you wanted that advice. They have given us the advice, why don't we listen to it and follow it? Why don't we listen to the experts we asked for advice knowing that this will mean energy is more affordable, more reliable and we will still be able to meet emission reduction commitments under the Paris treaty."I did ring him before party room and was up front about [what the policy can do] and asked him to keep an open mind." Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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