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Growth strategies: illustrated houseplants - in pictures

While at university, self-taught gardener Emma Sibley often swapped houseplants and cuttings with friends. Now, her desire to combine nature with city life has led to Urban Botanics (Aurum Press ?18), a book illustrated by Dutch artist Maaike Koster, guiding readers through 70 indoor plant varieties, their origins and upkeep. "Having plants in your home helps to purify the air. Living in a city, this is a welcome benefit," says Sibley, who also runs the shop London Terrariums. While a houseplant isn't a true substitute for being out in nature, she says, it can create a "calmer, greener environment that helps both productivity and relaxation".To tie in with the book, Emma Sibley will demonstrate how to make a terrarium at Heals, London W1 on 2 November Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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