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Blue Planet II episodes drowned out by music | Letters

Eleanor Davison and Pat Brody are annoyed by the 'intrusive' music on David Attenborough's new series, while George Pearce found the 'pointless' music score on the BBC's adaptation of Howards End equally gallingI couldn't agree more with Sam Wollaston (Last Night's TV, G2, 13 November) about the intrusive background music in Blue Planet II. It is overbearing, annoying and insulting, as he says, though of course the photography is amazing. The next programme I had been looking forward to was Howards End. That was worse - conversation was often impossible to follow because of the intrusive, often strident, music and background street noises.Eleanor DavisonEsher, Surreyo Howards End "sober" (This sober Howards End is a timely remake, 13 November)? I found it unwatchable because of the cacophonous, pointless, unsuitable music score, composed virtually throughout, even over dialogue. Plinky-plonky piano, overbearing string quartet (shrill violin). Even my deaf wife complained. Perhaps we should have the ability to turn music tracks on and off, rather like subtitles.George PearceSutton Coldfield, West Midlands Continue reading...
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