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The Chipping Norton challenge for driverless cars | Brief letters

Alternatives to glitter | Driverless cars | Insects and birdsI am pleased that nurseries are considering the impact of materials they use in creative activities (A green guide to glitter alternatives, G2, 20 November). The staff of the nursery school where I was headteacher for 10 years would be appalled at the suggestion that edible material such as cereals or pulses could be used as an alternative. We thought that allowing children to play with food that would be lifesaving for children suffering from malnutrition was a reinforcement of the superior attitudes that prevail in much of society. Elizabeth Martin Bexleyheath, Kento The chancellor says the introduction of driverless cars will be very challenging (Driverless cars in four years' time, 24 November) and those who drive for a living will need retraining. The challenge will be to train the driverless delivery van bringing my parcels when I'm out to proceed up the drive, squeeze up a 2ft-wide path, turn left to the side garage door and leave the goods on the bench. Oh, and to be careful reversing out.Margaret BruceChipping Norton, Oxfordshire Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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