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Apples should be kept in the fridge now - but what about oranges and bananas?

New labelling guidelines suggest we should keep more of our fruit in the fridge. But not everything is suitable for cold storage - here's a fruit-by-fruit guideIs there anything more disappointing than biting into an apple, only to find it has gone all fluffy and soft? It happens all the time - and now we know why. According to a government initiative on food labelling, it is because we are not storing our Pink Lady apples in the fridge.As part of a drive to reduce annual household food waste in the UK by 350,000 tonnes, labelling is changing. In future, it will include, among other things, a "little blue fridge" icon for foods that keep for longer in the fridge, including apples and oranges. Can this be right? Well, yes - but it's a matter of timing. Here's a guide to when to let fruit chill. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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