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Taking babies to work | Ray of sunshine in Brexit gloom | Starling murmurations | Charles Dickens | Masked cricketersI agree with the proposition put forward by Melanie Reynolds that in suitable circumstances parents should feel free to take their babies to work (Why should work be a baby-free zone?, 1 December). Mine accompanied me from the age of five weeks, with no apparent ill-effects on either of us or on my co-workers. As a nation we still appear, in general, to adopt a fairly Victorian attitude towards babies and children. Isn't it time this changed?Patricia PipeSaltash, Cornwallo While Saturday's Guardian continued to give prominence to a black cloud assessment of Brexit prospects, the ray of sunshine that is "UK factory orders hit four-year high" (Financial) was squirrelled away on page 30! Just saying...Graham WhiteColchester, Essex Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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