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How to feed the world while curbing our appetite for destruction | Letters

There is enough food for everyone, says Chrissie Hynde - if everyone takes only their fair share and stops eating animals. Others suggest improving farming production methods, tackling population growth and taxing meatAlthough I strongly agree with and appreciate George Monbiot's efforts to shed light on the destructive nature of industrialised farming and its effects on animals and environment (We can't go on eating like this, 11 December), I do not see the wisdom of tarring the entire farming community with the same brush.Small family farms, where the profits are just enough to sustain the running of the farm, actually replenish the environment and provide for local communities. A non-slaughter farm is humane, realistic and beneficial all around. We need farmers. There is enough food for everyone if everyone takes only their fair share and stops killing and eating the animals. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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