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Why a Christmas jumper isn't just for Christmas Day | Daisy Buchanan

I understand the urge to splurge on fresh festive knitwear every year. But it's a wasteful habit that should come with an environmental elf warningI will admit to owning three Christmas jumpers. There's the chunky, cheery red one, featuring two penguins holding hands on an iceberg, as if they're on a romantic festive avian break instead of trying to survive a potentially perilous situation. There's the one I bought last year, which doesn't feature any traditional motifs but is made of gold Lurex - undeniably festive but also acceptable in February and November. Then there's the one I'm currently wearing, which I bought in a weak, impulsive moment last week, and features a sequinned dachshund wearing a Santa hat.So I can't defend the practice, but I can understand the urge to buy multiple jumpers. After all, the secular celebration of Christmas revolves around finding and enjoying all things bright and cosy when the world feels especially dark, dank and dreary. If you have the impulse and the disposable income, why not buy one? Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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