zpravodajství životního prostředí již od roku 1999

The devil's birds reveal their tender side

Bristol This is an aerial holiday park: the swifts are here for the local cuisine and to find romanceThe wall next to Clifton Down train station is alive with the sounds of spring; the blackbird's bubbling song, bees buzzing and the chirping of tiny tits hiding in the ivy. But sitting outside a bar with a pint of cider I'm willing it to be summer already. I'm trying to block out the commuter traffic and gossiping students to listen for a sign that the next season is on its way.The sky is an obliging cornflower shade and the sun shines honey-coloured through my glass but the breeze is bracing. It has driven the resident swifts up beyond my hearing. A pair circle high over the shopping centre, two thin black crescents in the perfect blue sky. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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