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How the plight to save a bird species shows how to bridge the red/blue divide

A plan to save the sage grouse was a rare instance where ranchers, the timber industry, scientists, landowners and environmentalists all agreed on somethingAt 5am, the day is black, and resounds with the steady drum of rain. My husband Rich is getting ready for work. He oils his leather gloves and fills a Thermos. He'll spend a 10-hour day in the downpour: tramping through thorny salmonberry and wading through the roaring creeks.We live in the Oregon Coast Range, a region that's been in steady economic decline since the sawmills began shutting down in the late 1980s. Before Rich got this job we were living hand to mouth. Now things are looking up. It won't make us wealthy, but Rich has scored one of the best jobs in our remote neck of the woods. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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