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Wildflowers on the verge of disappearing

Roadsides are a haven for rare species, but council mowing is a threat. New schemes offer hopeOrchid-spotters have long-known that the best site in the UK to take in a display of pyramidal orchids is a roadside verge in Warwickshire, yet the role verges play in conservation isn't widely appreciated. There are almost 251,000 acres of rural road verges across the country that are home to 703 species of wild plants - 87 of which are facing extinction.Britain has lost 97% of its wildflower meadows since the 1930s as land has been turned over to grow food crops. Rural roadside verges and small, family-owned farms remain the only places left for species such as the crested cow-wheat, spiked rampion and man orchid to thrive. These roadside verges represent the last stronghold of British wildflowers yet they are being mown down by local councils because of budgetary pressures and a lack of guidance, conservationists have warned. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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