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Dogs, cats, robins and ducking the question | Brief letters

Jeremy Hunt | Guardian cleans up | Top tabloid | Robin's nest | Risque place namesPolly Toynbee's article (The Tories knew there would be an NHS winter crisis but did nothing, theguardian.com, 3 January) notes that Jeremy Hunt "sent out a civil servant, Prof Keith Willett, director of acute care [to be interviewed on the radio], because he couldn't be asked the crucial political question. Is "couldn't be asked" another of the Guardian's famous spelling mistakes?Alan GavurinLondono It's good to discover we share people's childish pleasures (Letters, 4 January). We clear up after our dog using a piece of Guardian broadsheet, instead of a plastic poo-bag. It's surprisingly effective, better for the environment and rubs the faces of the worst people in the world right in it. I notice a former Trump aide on the front page of today's paper. Looking forward to tomorrow's walk. Bigly.Sue WesternBristol Continue reading...
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